New Templates - Invoices, Mind Maps and much more !

Hi Bolders

We have recently updated our template library adding some really useful layout categories. Below are the links to the new templates.

We are constantly adding newer and innovative templates for our users and that is our number one priority:

To make your every design unique, different and better!

New Education Layouts

Educational Programs Promotion/Posters/Flyers

Class Schedules

Work Sheet

Lesson Plan

Bookmarks for text books

Table of Contents

Mind Map Layouts

Year Books

New Documents and Office Layouts

Invoice Templates

Company Reports Templates

So, what you waiting for! Try the new templates already :)

Create Unlimited Folders (Pro Users)

Hi Bolders

A Quick update: If you are a Pro User, then you can create unlimited folders in your DesignBold Account Workspace.

Now create as many folders you want to organize your designs.

By this, we hope to make it easy for our users, to organize their designs better for both professional and personal requirements.

To recap all the benefits of the folder system, check the tutorial below.

DesignBold Folder System - How to use

So, design away as many designs you want in as many folders you wish to create!

DesignBold Team Function

DesignBold Team Function

Hi Bolders,

We promised you that 2019 will be the year of innovation at DesignBold, and we have arrived with our first offering to the awesome DesignBold community!

(Drum Rolls)

We bring you the "DesignBold Team Function"

DesignBold Team Function

The best part - creating teams and adding members to it is completely free.

Yes, you do not need to spend a dime to create teams for your organization and adding your design warriors to the team.

And, if you want to add some more sizzling awesomeness to your team designs, then you can upgrade your team to Pro Team.

Here are the basic features of DesignBold Pro team function:

  1. Free access to ALL layouts on DesignBold (Free+Premium)
  2. Magic Resize – Resize designs into different sizes in a breeze
  3. Endless customization (custom color palettes, 20 custom fonts per team member, 50 design folders)
  4. Unlimited personal resources storage
  5. Social media post scheduling (Coming soon)

Check the official links below to get a complete description of the features available in DesignBold Team Function

The 2018 Recap and Plan for 2019

2018 recap Hey Bolders,

2018 has been an exciting year for us! Let's take a look at all we've done and get ready for the amazing brand new features we have in store for you (that's right, the long-awaited Team Function is almost here 😉)

Check out our blog for the full recap here

New Support System

What's up Bolders!

We have just made improvements in the Support system so that we can help you better with all DesignBold related issues.

The new Live chat widget now has different channels for your different concerns, as well as our FAQ library for you to look up any information you need! From now on you won't have to leave your current page to look for our knowledge base and your query will immediately go to the perfect support agent for your problem.

New support system

Check out our new Support System and Remember that we're always eager to help you!

Quick Access Tab - Favorite & Purchased Folder

Hi there Bolders,

Recently we have updated the design edit dashboard to make the usage and purchases of images more organized.

In the design edit area (while editing or creating any design) check the left side tabs. You will find a new button Quick Access

Click on it to display two tabs in the sidebar Favorite & Purchased

In the Favorite folder you will find all the images which you have marked as Favorite by pressing the star icon on the images.

The Purchased tab contains the premium stocks that you have purchased for your designs. Check the quick video below:

We hope this new addition makes it easy for you to manage your images.

Happy Designing!

Black Friday Deal is finally here *yayyy*

What's up Bolder,

Your long awaited Black Friday Deal is here!

Time to upgrade your account with only $4.99/month (That's a more than 50% off deal). This is the first time ever we run a deal as reasonable as this!

Head to our pricing page right now, as the deal is only valid till this Monday, Nov 26 at 11.59pm (PST)

Hurry up guys, time waits for nobody ;)

The New "Map Tool" to Add Maps In Designs

Hey there Bolders!

We have now introduced the "Map Tool" at DesignBold using which you can create and incorporate interactive and highly specific maps to your designs.

Using the "Map Tool" you can:

  1. Add interactive Maps to your designs.
  2. Customize the Maps according to your need to present your data.
  3. The Maps will cover all the continents, countries & states.
  4. Add custom colors and data to the maps.

(All the above in a matter of few clicks)

1. Access the Map Tool in the design dashboard

Map Tool

2. Click on the Map Icon to Add the Map on your Design

Map Tool

3. Customize your Map

Map Tool

There are many more customizations available to you. Read the complete Map Tool tutorial below

DesignBold "Map Tool" Tutorial - How to use Maps and Customize the Maps in your designs.

We are sure that the Map Tool will empower your designs through the use of convincing and interactive maps.

Our goal is always to provide you with easy to use design features that will help you in your business and career. The "Map Tool" is yet another addition to that goal.

SVG and EPS uploading is now available for Bolders!

DesignBold has introduced SVG and EPS image upload, beside existing JPG and PNG format. Now users can edit every element of graphics with high resolution. How to use SVG EPS files You can add SVG/EPS files to designs on DesignBold by following these steps:

  1. Click Upload.
  2. Click Upload your images, choose SVG/EPS files from your computer to upload them to DesignBold.
  3. Drag and drop those files into your design, click images to see more options including choose color, transparency, flip horizontally, flip vertically.

As a result, users can apply one SVG/EPS file to different designs of different styles. Fine out more about this feature here.

This is how DesignBold helps Bolders to save their design time and more!

API Integration is here!

DesignBold has released an API integration that allows different platforms to access our resources and utilize our tool. By doing this, we hope to bring our product one step closer to you. DesignBold’s online toolkit is now available for different companies and sites.

Integration API

To become our partner, please follow these steps.

  • Sign in with your credentials at designbold.coom
  • Select API Integration on our landing page.
  • Select My Apps (top right corner)
  • Select “Get your AppID now!” to create an integration application.

For more information, please refer to

If you have any further question, you might be able to find an answer on our FAQ page

Become a partner with DesignBold today!