CDN Improvement

We are now using Imgix and Cloudflare Content delivery networks (CDN).

Imgix not only provides caching and faster delivery of your images but also offers more an integrated processing and delivery service with worldwide reach, modern web protocols, and advanced image optimization and processing via its URL API.

In another hand, Cloudflare has built the next generation CDN, which dramatically improves website performance through their global CDN and web optimization features.

CDNs send content to the end-users from a server closest to them with minimal delay. Therefore, the issues of variations in latency with each passing moment (causes jittering in audio and video) are minimized. Also, CDNs provide a fail-safe environment. During widespread attacks, the content will continue to be available. Hence, the system provides efficient backup, storage and data capacity which can benefit individual and business users who currently rely on online backup services.