SVG and EPS uploading is now available for Bolders!

DesignBold has introduced SVG and EPS image upload, beside existing JPG and PNG format. Now users can edit every element of graphics with high resolution. How to use SVG EPS files You can add SVG/EPS files to designs on DesignBold by following these steps:

  1. Click Upload.
  2. Click Upload your images, choose SVG/EPS files from your computer to upload them to DesignBold.
  3. Drag and drop those files into your design, click images to see more options including choose color, transparency, flip horizontally, flip vertically.

As a result, users can apply one SVG/EPS file to different designs of different styles. Fine out more about this feature here.

This is how DesignBold helps Bolders to save their design time and more!