The New Dynamic PDF Rendering System

Hi Bolders,

We are excited to inform you about one the most significant updates we were working on for last 3 months.

The Dynamic PDF Rendering system

This new rendering system is many notches ahead than the previous one showing significant improvement in 2 major aspects:

  • Higher output quality as well as reduced rendering time of the designs you create.
  • Fast rendering of your designs.

With the new rendering system,

  • Download files (in any PNG, PDF, JPEG format) will have higher quality.
  • Creating copyable text & hyperlinks is now supported in PDF format.
  • The rendering speed is 5x faster than the older system. For example, a 30-pages long document will take less than 2 minutes to render, which used to take around to 8-10 minutes with the older system.


Check out the new rendering system in action (in 1 minute)

You can try to download DB presentation to see the difference.

We hope you enjoy the new updates!

Design Faster and Design Bolder :)