The New "Map Tool" to Add Maps In Designs

Hey there Bolders!

We have now introduced the "Map Tool" at DesignBold using which you can create and incorporate interactive and highly specific maps to your designs.

Using the "Map Tool" you can:

  1. Add interactive Maps to your designs.
  2. Customize the Maps according to your need to present your data.
  3. The Maps will cover all the continents, countries & states.
  4. Add custom colors and data to the maps.

(All the above in a matter of few clicks)

1. Access the Map Tool in the design dashboard

Map Tool

2. Click on the Map Icon to Add the Map on your Design

Map Tool

3. Customize your Map

Map Tool

There are many more customizations available to you. Read the complete Map Tool tutorial below

DesignBold "Map Tool" Tutorial - How to use Maps and Customize the Maps in your designs.

We are sure that the Map Tool will empower your designs through the use of convincing and interactive maps.

Our goal is always to provide you with easy to use design features that will help you in your business and career. The "Map Tool" is yet another addition to that goal.